Gestión de amianto y demolición industrial
Gestión de amianto y demolición industrial 2

Management of asbestos and industrial demolition

ENVILAND performs services for removal and asbestos remediation of contaminated areas, as well as works of deconstruction and demolition of facilities and equipment.

Environmental solutions:

Asbestos removal and decontamination plans

The company develops diagnostic studies of asbestos in building materials, facilities, water tanks and structural or decorative elements, among others.

In this sense, it designs decontamination plans, manages the dismantling and removal of materials, transportation and waste disposal.

Dismantling of industrial structures and equipment

ENVILAND also addresses the full or partial dismantling of machinery, transformers, production lines and industrial structures, dismantling of boilers, and assumes the replacement, rehabilitation and reinforcement of roofs and facades.

Health and safety under the law

The techniques used by ENVILAND conform to the standards laid down in Royal Decree 396/2006, of March 31, which establishes the minimum safety and health rules for work with risk of exposure to asbestos and other requirements relating prevention, quality, safety and health.