Gestión de suelos contaminados
Gestión de suelos contaminados 2

Management of contaminated soils

ENVILAND assumes the management and remediation of those soils with signs of contamination by developing a diagnosis of their condition and quality, risk analysis, project development treatment and remediation, and economic valuation of environmental liabilities.

It also offers advice on the technical and legal requirements in this area to their customers.

Environmental solutions:

Land contaminated by chemicals

Chemical compounds such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, asbestos or other elements present during excavation or earthworks.

Diagnosis of soil.

Land characterization analysis.

Soil treatment.

Waste transport.

Clearing, cleaning and filling surface

Clearing of land and waste management plant.

Providing substrates for landscaping, slopes, etc.

Supply of compost and other materials.

The techniques employed by the company conform to the provisions of Law 22/2011, of July 28, on waste and contaminated soils, and Royal Decree 9/2005 of January 14, which determines the ratio of ground activities and the criteria and standards for the declaration of contaminated soils.