Gestión de suelos contaminados
Gestión de suelos contaminados 2
Gestión de suelos contaminados 2

Special operations

ENVILAND conducts operations analysis, packaging, transport and disposal of various types of waste, such as storage, uncontrolled stocks, derivatives of off-specification or outdated, abandonment of waste, closure activities, fires, etc.

The company produces analyzes, waste identification and diagnosis; drafting of procedures, supervision, implementation and documentation of work; groupage, reconditioning and subsequent transport of waste in terms of the types and regulatory requirements.

Environmental solutions:

Uncontrolled waste storage

Extensive sampling of the entire waste container per container.

Identification analysis - waste characterization.

And bulking conditioning tasks depending on the physicochemical properties and destinations.

Transport by approved vehicles and waste treatment in authorized plants.

Tanks and deposits

Extensive sampling of waste.

Identification analysis - waste characterization.

Mechanical Works access to the facility.

Removal of waste stored by equipment with vacuum pump suction-drive.

Technical cleaning and degassing and inerting of deposits by pressure equipment.

Drafting of inerting certified by an ECA, for processing low in the Department of Industry and its subsequent dismantling.

Transport of waste contained in the tanks and contaminated water generated during cleaning.

Cleaning of sewers and sewage pipes

Review of collectors and pipes using camera systems.

Cleaning technique using tank vehicles with high pressure systems suction-drive.

Transport authorized by the ARC (Catalan Agency of Waste of Catalonia) for liquid waste.