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Waste management

ENVILAND covers the various processes of the management of waste from its initial stage, with the advice and preparation of a preliminary study, reporting and risk minimization analysis of technical and economic improvement in environmental management processes.

Authorized to manage any type of waste European Inventory conducts finalist waste management (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous), conditioning, transport, treatment and disposal and energy recovery and material that can be derived process (paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, containers, water, oils, metals, etc.).

Environmental solutions:

Organization and management of waste generated on site and clean points

Container rental suited to the needs of the service.

Mobile compactors to reduce the volume of waste.




Biodegradable organic waste management

Agronomic residue analysis.

Writing subscriber plans.


Treatment through composting and / or agricultural application.

Management of organic and inorganic chemical waste

Transportation of chemical waste.

Physicochemical and stabilization for inorganic waste, and incineration for organic waste treatment.

Storage or disposal in landfill.

Collection and transfer center for hazardous waste.

Management of used tires

Transport and treatment in authorized plant.

Supply of materials derived from recycling for multiple applications.